Baby Brained The Musical

Monologing a tale of motherhood inspired by her own plight, Rebecca Schwarz’s one woman show covers relatable themes such as anxiety, Health Visitors, relationships and baby groups. 

This hilarious insight into real life experiences makes relatable a lot of the stuff that mums go through, focusing on the touchy subject of mental health in order to help the many that suffer silently. Highlighting the isolation, shame, pain and of course the outwardly image mothers portray with smiles and cute baby pictures, this powerful stage show resonates with the hearts of its audience.

Audience participation is a key part of Baby Brained The Musical, this feel good show is full of laughter, tales of coffee, irony and motherhood cliches. Told by a real life motherhood survivor Rebecca brings tears to our eyes with her tales of night feeds and sleeplessness that new mums experience.

Baby Brained The Musical is a truly original, laugh out loud musical. A must for Mums new and old alike who will relate to this interactive, musical journey through the highs and lows of new motherhood.

What a great show!!