When I was a young child I was that shy kid who didn’t say boo to a goose but I sang, very loudly in my bedroom every night. I was loud! I played musical instruments from aged 4 but I didn’t feel that I was a singer.

Now as a singing teacher,  I love empowering people to release their voices.  I may use technical exercises or Yoda-like  mind tricks but together we will smash through the barriers that inhibit your full vocal release.  It’s what I live for.  I’m unnervingly obsessed about freeing singing voices. 

Baby Brained the Musical is the stories of my friends and their friends.  It is many people’s lives in one show. An interactive, musical journey through the highs and lows of new motherhood. Knowing how common it is for new mums and dads to experience issues with their mental health.

When I became a Mum I experienced postnatal depression so I wanted to raise awareness of postnatal depression and tackle the stigma surrounding it.

I’m very proud to be a member of the Education Working Party of The British Voice Association.

Member of the Musicians Union  

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I run an set up and host an open mic night, Cabaret Needs You Birmingham.  For more information see here.